So that Coronavirus will not end modern civilisation as we know it.



When it comes to social interaction, physical distancing is the new cool. Friends can’t visit you. Your work friends, colleague and even work husband are working from home as are you.

Your favourite cousins cannot visit, your bestie is not allowed in your house. Not like she would be willing to leave her own house anyway.

You can’t see your man/woman. This is not exactly how anyone intends to spend their ‘free time’ or ‘holiday,’ but it is what it is. Staying at home and maintaining premium social distancing is what needs to be done.

But thanks to the internet and other tools, staying connected does not have to be much of an issue. Here are ideas for you and your best people to stay connected

“Ehehn, Nelo, I actually cleaned my room and toilet and bathroom today o. Can you believe there are 195 and half tiles in all?”

[Credit - Twitter]

In case you didn’t know, this is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone.

And nudes if you have a boo.

You know it’s in the constitution of modern relationships. Don’t pretend now, Fareedah.


Android people, it’s Whatsapp video calls for you, plis dears.

Video call with the people that matter most [Credit - Lifewire]

Send them Whatsapp BC’s

If they already know you as a BC manufacturer and distributor, don’t hoard your talent from them now. Everyone needs your expertise now.

Whatsapp BC's [Zee Business]

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