– Runtown recently announced that he would be donating N10 million as relief fund

– The singer pledged to donate the money for Nigerians who would be staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic

– Nigerians took to Twitter to thank the singer for the money after some of them got alerts from his account During this coronavirus pandemic, people around the world have been advised to spread love and joy in other to stay united to fight the virus.

People have also been advised to stay at home to curb the spread of the virus. At a time like this, many people need help to survive, and some Nigerian celebrities are providing aid. Nigerian singer Douglas Jack Agu, popularly known as Runtown, joined the list of celebrities helping out the less-privileged.

The singer announced that he would be donating N10 million to Nigerians to survive while they stay at home.

In recent tweets shared by Nigerians, it was gathered that the singer fulfilled his promise and sent money to Nigerians who sent their account details to him. They have taken to Twitter to thank him.

The Nigerians shared screenshots of alerts received from N25,000 to N15,000, and they thanked him for his kindness. He replied to their messages and asked them to stay safe.

However, others who received the cash from the singer deleted their tweets after thanking him.

The movie star said that people should donate to the less privileged and not let an eye see it when they do. According to her, God in heaven would see through their hearts. The film star noted that God blesses whoever gives to others.

She went further to note that most churches and pastors would use people’s money for their luxurious lifestyles. Many Nigerians would be in need of financial aid during this coronavirus shut down and it is good to see celebrities giving to the community.

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