– Oluwo of Iwo has issued a spiritual warrant for the arrest of coronavirus

– The traditional ruler is giving an ultimatum of 16-day for the menace to vacate the world

– The Oluwo said he was greatly disturbed with the amount of destruction the virus had caused in the world

As Nigeria continues to battle with the spread of coronavirus, many people are resorting to spiritual means to fight the virus. The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has issued a spiritual warrant for the arrest of coronavirus.

Oba Akanbi in a statement shared to his Instagram, pronounced the arrest of the deadly virus through his office with the ultimatum of 16-day for the menace to vacate the world.

According to traditional ruler, the virus has done a lot of damages to the world’s economy and has wasted lives, noting the responsibility is now on those who believe in God, to seek divine intervention that could nip the menace in the bud.

Part of the statement reads: “Oba Akanbi noted only God could arrest the spiritual virus and called on those who belief only in HIM to seek HIS face to arrest the deadly virus.

He further disclosed his palace as the House of God on earth devoid of idolatry, stating such uniqueness has given him the license to stand for his subjects and arrest their worries. He describes his office as holy with unique status before God who answers every of his request through his unquestionable power.

He affirmed clean palace of no idols as the most credible House of God on earth while anyone on such a throne as true shadow of God on earth. He reiterated his position as Commander of Deities, saying he could intercede for his subjects to arrest their deficiencies.”


Meanwhile, Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo has taken to social media to react to the spread of coronavirus also know as COVID-19 in Nigeria.

The veteran actress in a recent post called on men of God who believe they possess the powers of healing, to go into the hospitals and heal people affected by the virus.

Still on coronavirus, Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has taken to social media to warn people against exposing themselves to the deadly COVID-19 also known as coronavirus. In a recent post, he warned people not to be deceived by pastors who claim to have the powers to cure the virus. The veteran comedian said this as he advised people to remain at home and protect themselves.

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