– Working from home doesn’t always go as planned and a hilarious video proves it

– A woman was busy with a Skype meeting when her partner showed up in his underwear

– The man hilariously tried to escape but ended up running into the wall There is a lot of good advice when it comes to love – some of which is “communication is key”.

One couple probably wished they had talked to each other before the woman conducted a Skype meeting with her co-workers. The man appeared to not have known about his wife’s meeting because he showed up wearing almost nothing. He walked in wearing a T-shirt and white undies. He then realised his partner was working and the man attempted to escape.

The man tried to make a swift exit and ended up slamming into a wall. He eventually left his wife red-faced and a clip of the incident was posted on Twitter.


The video gathered more than 265,000 views since it was posted online on Sunday and it had Twitter users laughing out loud.

Carel Papenfus, who goes by the Twitter handle @CarelPapen, commented:

“Funniest thing all day”




In other news, as the world battles with coronavirus pandemic, a Nigerian microbiologist has started research in search of a cure for the deadly disease. The microbiologist, simply identified as Gracious, took to her Twitter page to make the disclosure on Friday, March 20.



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