Daddy Freeze drags certain men of God for taking away his source of livelihood as he reacts to the coronavirus surge.

Daddy Freeze has taken a swipe on some men of God for taking away his source of income, dignity, and peace while reacting to their influence on the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Nigeria has forty confirmed cases of the dreaded coronavirus as at the time of publishing this article.

The On-Air personality made this known via his Instagram page on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, while reacting to Simi’s post on religious leaders and how they have not helped with the coronavirus surge.

“Are these not the things I have been shouting about for 3 whole years??? Three years in which I was stripped naked like Isaiah was! But unlike Isaiah, I wasn’t stripped physically, it was moreso emotional and financial, but my spirit remained strong.

“I was stripped of my income, dignity, and peace, just to get this message across to you all. I’m glad you can now see that many of those you called men of God are nothing but sons of Satan,” he said.



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