Veteran actress Shan George is one of the popular faces in the 90s and she is well-loved for how she interprets her role. However, the actress has been unlucky in one aspect of her life.

The movie star has been married three times but she never gets to enjoy them for a long while as they fail. Recently, Shan George revealed one of her fears in life.

The 49-year old grandmother said that she is scared of giving marriage another chance again. According to her chat with The Sun, the beautiful fair woman said that she would have considered marriage again but for the fact that she is scared.

The film star revealed that being an only child, she has always defended herself. She explained that when people try to intimidate her, she braces up and challenges her trolls.

She noted that she could overreact to little things that seem like a threat. However, she stated that her next marriage may work if the man she gets married to first sees her as a sister.

Speaking on how she copes with lonely moments, the mother of two said that her work does not give her the time to be lonely. According to her, she has become so busy that she is craving for a time for herself. She said that whenever she is free, she uses the opportunity to read.


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